Who are Bubblertalk?

What we do

We’re a team of freelance consultants ready to help you take your business to the next level – be it with marketing, communications or IT solutions.

We can help your business get noticed, create clout and move you to the next stage of your business cycle – all at your own pace. Bubblertalk can provide you with consultation sessions, or get you set up on your next growth project.

Do you need to attract more members or customers? Want to dip your toe in the social media pond but too afraid to do so? Business growing too quickly and haven’t the time to manage your IT networks? We’re here to help.

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To provide marketing, communications and IT services to SMEs and NFPs who are looking to learn and grow their business.

“Bubblertalk are ready to help the small guys in business become real players”

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Bubblertalk Team

We’re a collective of marketing consultants, digital marketing experts, IT & business analysts, graphic designers, PR consultants and copywriters. And we’re all here to help you grow your business.

Jennyfer Nguyen is the principal consultant at Bubblertalk, managing the team and liaising with the small businesses. Her specialty is getting bricks and mortar businesses online and helping small businesses with their first website. Jennyfer prefers her coffees black and steaks rare. To learn more about Jennyfer’s professional projects, please visit her LinkedIn profile.

Evelyn Kwok is the principal designer at Bubblertalk. She works with our businesses on branding and visual design. Evelyn’s also currently teaching at UTS in their Design department and makes a mean fried chicken.

The other freelance experts that make up the Bubblertalk network include designers and analysts who have worked with Temple & Webster, David Jones, St. Vincent’s De Paul, Soap, Openagent.com.au, the McGrath Foundation, to name just a few.

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