Hello hello world!

And so here we are.
‘Hello world’ means much to me on this blog. It’s a hello to my new business and it’s a hello to the rest of you out there.
I’m not into computer programming, nor am I a graphic artist. My accounting skills have not been touched for over 5 years and I don’t understand a smidgen of taxation.¬†However, I do like people and I do like small businesses. I like seeing them grow and revel in seeing them move from the ‘mum and dad’ shop to the budding branch they will be. I develop business and help them connect with people. I’ve become addicted to social media and my marketing degree is only nodding to this addiction.
My aim here is to share with you not only my joys and frustrations of small business but also the tips, musings and all things wonderful in between.
This is my first time starting out on my own and I know there are plenty out there who know that fear, anxiety and excitement too.
We look forward to it,
Jennyfer & Bubblertalk

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